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Well, my nickname is Sle, what most people call me. I was born and raised in a small country town an hour outside of St. Louis.

I recently just moved to a place where it’s a rare occasion to see real grass, Phoenix. It’s a huge adjustment from the Show Me State, but I think I fit in just fine. I love it!

I graduated from The University of Missouri - St. Louis where I studied Graphic Design. I loved learning all kinds of design there but I would say I excelled at print design and motion design. I have a weird thing for making books interactive, I want it to be way more interesting than letters on a piece of paper. I fell in love with motion design because it’s just way awesome to see your design move! Right?!

Aside from design, I am big in living a healthy life style. I recently just complete a half Ironman (Ironically the same day as my college graduation, so I didn’t walk across the stage, I ran across a 70.3 triathlon finish line). I also am big into Crossfit. Or obsessed, whatever. I also am really into screen printing. I made my own little studio in my apartment once I moved to Arizona.

Until next time, bye!

Contact: / 636.297.0167